Trials HD sells over 300k, developer responds

Trials HD has got to be one of the most addictive and harmful games in recent memory. “I just got 500 faults and didn’t even beat the level I was playing. Screw this, I’m never playing it again. Ever.” Flash forward twenty minutes later: “I can’t take this anymore! I need my Trials fix!”

I cannot be the only one to have experienced this phenomena, as Trials HD has garnered 300,000 in sales. When asked for a comment by CVG, the developers said they were “proud.”

RedLynx CEO Tero Virtala also had the following to say: “We’re a smaller, 25-person multiplatform studio, and for us this is an excellent example of how digital download space opens up significant opportunities that might not otherwise be available for creative and talented smaller teams.”

I think most of us will agree that Trials HD is indeed a terrific game. Thankfully, for the sake of my neighbors’ ears, I completed all of the levels, so I should be set for not swearing, at least until the new downloadable content comes out.

Jordan Devore
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