Triad Wars, the PC-only follow-up to Sleeping Dogs, is unveiled

Closed beta registration is open

The follow-up to Sleeping Dogs, Triad Wars, has been officially unveiled. Before you get your hopes up, realize that it’s a PC-only game, and it’s free-to-play.

It’ll take place in Hong Kong yet again, and you’ll need to “establish your turf,” as well as build an operation and acquire money. Driving gameplay and gunplay are in. Feel free to sign up for the closed beta if it interests you, and it’ll be dropping in 2015.

A lot of people are saying “this ruins the chance of a Sleeping Dogs 2,” but I just don’t see it, since Sleeping Dogs 2 wasn’t a given anyways. Side projects don’t eliminate full sequels outright — if anything, they fund them. I understand the total disinterest in Triad Wars though.

Register for Closed Beta [Triad Wars]

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