Treyarch talks AI and CoD 4 engine in Quantum of Solace, also Craig is a zombie

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In the video above, a few guys from Treyarch talk about the utilization of the Call of Duty 4 engine in their upcoming Bond game, Quantum of Solace. Specifically, they make mention that the AI is not going to be scripted. It is, in their word, “dynamic,” which loosely means “crackpot shot and ability to warp into cover.” At least, that’s been my experience with dynamic AI as of late.

What they should really be talking about is what makes this James Bond game fun and what makes it different from the other piles of EA rubbish released in the last few years. They should have also made mention that Daniel Craig is a supremely sexy man, but his rigid good looks don’t translate well to videogames. Judging from that footage I’m about 90% certain James Bond is a zombie.

I can’t help but to hope that Quantum of Solace reaches up and touches some of the splendor that was Goldeneye. Treyarch has two movies, a great engine, and Daniel Craig to work with, so I’m still holding out that this might be the one that makes me happy all over again.

What do you guys think? Does Quantum of Solace have the potential? Do you think the CoD 4 engine will automatically make it a better product than its predecessors?

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