Treyarch now a 100 percent Call of Duty company

I’m pretty sure that I will be the only person in the world who sees this as bad news, but Treyarch’s company head, Mark Lamia, has told CVG that Treyarch is a “100 percent Call of Duty” studio. They’re no longer developing other games and have all of their teams focusing on Call of Duty, which is letting multiplayer have its own team for the first time in Treyarch’s history of the series.

“Treyarch is a 100 per cent Call of Duty studio – and it has been for a long time now, long before any of [the Infinity Ward] events occurred,” Lamia said. “We focused all of our efforts on creating the best Call of Duty game we possibly can and what that meant is not working on anything else. We are a multiple team studio and focusing on Call of Duty and Call of Duty gameplay meant focusing all of our teams on that.”

Why is this bad news to me? I’m a massive Bond fan and Treyarch was in charge of the last Bond game based on Quantum of Solace. With scarcely a word of a new Bond game in the works, and the next movie delayed, the lack of a known development team working on a title makes it sound like my next Bond excursion might take a while. I suppose its good news for almost everyone else, though.

Treyarch: ‘We’re now a 100% Call of Duty studio’ [CVG]

Matthew Razak