Tretton speaks: PSP HDD and UMDs

As I mentioned earlier, the PS3 is taking the digital distribution path seriously. Jack Tretton thinks so. Speaking with Kotaku, he says that the UMD has struggled, and that the fate of the medium is dependent on how well digital distribution thrives. It seemed just about everyone had written off the UMD as a dead format — I don’t see why they’re even trying to play the farce of the medium possibly surviving outside of PSP games.

Crecente had mentioned on G4’s coverage of E3, right before the Sony event started, that Sony was still planning on a PSP with a hard disk drive or a solid state drive being placed in the machine, and the article says that Sony “continues to play around with the idea.”

It’s something that’s an inevitability at this point. File sizes on PSN range from 100-400mb a piece, and it can go even higher if you’ve got a full-size movie. In order to keep users from constantly having to switch out files, or buy insanely large memory sticks in order to keep more than a handful of content on their system.

I’ve been using my PSP for reading manga on the go (rather useful) and have started moving over some of my video files. But in terms of downloading games, I’ve avoided that. What about the rest of you; how do you use the extra space on your PSP?

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