Tretton bitchslaps Activision: After all, he doesn’t tell you how to do YOUR job

Publishers have made no secret of their PS3 concerns, often bringing up that most-touchy subject of price. Activision’s Robert Kotick previously stated that he wanted to see both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 hit a $199 price mark in two years’ time, but Sony’s Jack Tretton has answered this in a most thorough manner. In fact, he’s bitten back quite viciously.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for them to suggest what hardware should be priced at.” Tretton stated after calling Kotick’s desires unrealistic. Tretton wants publishers to stay out of his business, claiming he doesn’t tell them how to do their jobs. “I would never venture to suggest what software publishers should price their software at,” he asserted, laying some verbal smack to the cynics.

He added that he was unsurprised by what the publishers are saying and implied it was because they didn’t care about Sony’s profits; “”I think from an unrealistic standpoint I’m never surprised by that, because a software manufacturer may not be concerned whether a hardware manufacturer is successful or whether they’re profitable.” He added that Activision should indeed be concerned by Sony’s financial success, since without a hardware provider, there will be nowhere for publishers to sell their wares.

Interesting logic, but also contradictory. After all, Activision’s suggestion that Sony lower the price was for that very reason. Kotick merely wants Sony to sell some of this glorious hardware that allows his own company to make money. It’s all well and good for Tretton to tell publishers that without hardware they’re nothing, but it’s not like Sony’s hardware is presenting the most attractive option for those companies, is it?

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