Treasure’s N64 title Sin and Punishment confirmed for Japanese Virtual Console

According to Nintendo’s official Japanese Virtual Console release list, Treasure’s highly sought after Nintendo 64 title, Sin and Punishment, will be making its way to the service this September.

Because of cart rarity and sniveling Internet nerd buzz, this third-person action/adventure has been one of the most demanded Virtual Console releases to date. Only released in Japan and on China’s iQue, the game also featured extensive English voice acting, making it a good candidate for one of the more interesting Virtual Console releases fans have seen.

Note that Sin and Punishment has only been confirmed for release in Japan. But to date, almost every (if not all) games that are released in one region have been released at all, so keep your fingers crossed this makes its way to a Virtual Console near you. But hey, if that doesn’t happen, there’s always the fan-made translation hack.

[Via NeoGaf]

Nick Chester