Treasure World invites you on a magical trip to Starbucks

Actually the new game Treasure World is inviting you on a magical trip to any place with a wireless hot spot. In fact, from what we can garner, finding wireless hot spots is the entire point of the game. See in Treasure World you play Star Sweep a person/thing that is tasked with cleaning the cosmos by collecting treasures. How do you collect treasures? Why by following your WIsh FInder. The WIsh FInder locates local wireless signals even when your DS is closed. When you connect to said signal you get a prize.

In the video below you can see the city hopping fun that this could actually cause. It’s like a massive scavenger hunt on your DS, which in actuality is pretty darn cool. Prizes for connection to new wireless networks include costumes for your WIsh FInder and decorations for your home base. The decorations actually let you create music called Star Tracks and this music can be traded with friends, messed around with or used to get more prizes, so there is actually a benefit to collecting the over 25,000 prizes. I have to admit this is some pretty creative game design and I’m a little intrigued. Anyone else, or do you need more actual gameplay in a game to jump on board?

Matthew Razak