Travis Strikes Again story details and artwork unveiled

Shovel Knight collaboration confirmed

There were concerns that Travis Strikes Again was going to be an indie-tier game focusing on mini-games, but it has been confirmed by Grasshopper Manufacturer that it’s a “raucous 3D action title, where Travis touchdown wields the Beam Katana to massacre his way through countless enemies, taking on ferocious bosses in an epic battle with Badman.”

Seven years after the events of the original No More Heroes, Badman heads to the “remote countryside of the southern US” to track down Travis Touchdown, who appears to be living in a trailer, to enact his revenge for the death of his daughter, Badgirl. While fighting, the two are sucked into “the phantom game console ‘Death Drive MK-II’, a machine developed by Doctor Juvenile.”

Legend has it that who ever collects and beats all six of it’s games will have their wishes granted. Thank god it’s not an Ouya. It sounds like these six games will be the structure for it’s boss fights. One of the art pieces shows a blonde girl who resembles Badgirl, but maybe I’m stupid and it’s a new character.

A collaboration with Shovel Knight has also been confirmed, joining Hotline Miami as just the first indie games Suda plans to collaborate with. The phantom game console and Death Glove are to play vital role in both the base game and these indie collaborations.

Cory Arnold
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