Travis Strikes Again gets a New Game+ option

Travis Strikes Again…and again…and again…

The latest update for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be adding a “New Game+” option to the action brawler. Upon completion of the game, you’ll be able to restart the journey with all of Travis and Badman’s skills you’ve acquired. This will let you re-experience the game while continuing to work on upgrading each character.

Along with that update comes a few new T-shirts to unlock. The T-shirts will require you to beat each boss on “Spicy Mode,” which is basically the game’s version of hard difficulty. That shouldn’t be a problem with New Game+. Some other miscellaneous updates have also been added to smooth out the experience, though there haven’t been any reports of crashing or glitches.

The update should be available right now. You’ll need to exit the title on your Switch to apply it.

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Peter Glagowski
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