Traveler’s Tales bringing LEGO Battles to the Nintendo DS

It’s not a new LEGO Indiana Jones, and it’s certainly not LEGO Rock Band. But Traveler’s Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive have announced a new Nintendo DS game, LEGO Battles, set to ship this summer. 

Instead of focusing on a popular non-LEGO intellectual property, LEGO Battles looks towards the classic LEGO scenarios, LEGO Castle, LEGO Pirates, and LEGO Space. They’re calling it a new “build and play” experience, that lets players build their own LEGO bases and battle other teams in over 70 different levels. Aliens, pirates, wizards, dragons, ninjas, and more will be playable. 

They’ve also released some images, which I’m pretty positive are not taken from the DS game. I think the 1500 x 844 resolution gives it away, but I’m not sure. LEGO Battles does sound like an interesting concept, and considering their promise of letting us build our own bases, the use of the stylus sounds almost necessary. I’m picturing dragging and dropping LEGO blocks, and actually building my own bases. That? It sounds good to me.

Nick Chester