Travel three years into the future with Super Baseball 2020

Not long to go ’til sexy robots!

Being a Brit, I’ve never really seen baseball outside of video games and movies, so I can only assume it’s exactly like A League of Their Own, Field of Dreams, and Neo-Geo classic Super Baseball 2020, which is returning on the PS4 and Xbox One, courtesy of Hamster.

Originally released in 1991, the game optimistically predicted referee-bots, teleporters, mixed-gender ballgames, and an outfield littered with landmines. More like Field of Screams. To be fair, it’s only 2017, the MBA still has time to implement these ideas, so SNK’s crystal ball is yet to be proven wrong. In the meantime, Super Baseball 2020 will have to suffice, and is available for download today priced $7.99.

Now get out there and umm.. score a touchdown, or something.

Super Baseball 2020 [Hamster]

Chris Moyse
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