Train Simulator is The Little Humble Bundle That Could

All aboard!

Chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga-CHOO-CHOO! The Humble Bundle Express is pulling into the station.

Train Simulator is barreling down the track, and you’re behind the lever that diverts the two paths. One leads to great savings and many very impressive trains. The other leads to nothing — no trains, no deals, no aggressive steam clouds, no chuga-chuga-choo-choo. This doesn’t pose the same kind of Sophie’s choice like that other train/lever scenario.

The Humble Train Simulator Bundle is live, and it affords the opportunity to buy all sorts of virtual trains. Better that than many model trains taking up physical space running through your tiny apartment. The obvious gem is Train Simulator 2020 for $1. But feast your eyes on all the other trains that could be yours for a mere $12. For added effect, make the Tim Allen Home Improvement grunt after reading every train:

Unlock by paying $1 or more:

  • Train Simulator 2020
  • Riviera Line in the Fifties: Exeter — Kingswear route add-on
  • Western Hydraulics pack add-on
  • Miami — West Palm Beach route add-on
  • CSX AC6000CW loco add-on

Unlock by paying more than the average ($4.31 at time of writing):

  • Wearable & Teesdeale Network route add-on
  • BR Class 24 loco add-on
  • North Jersey Coast Line route add-on
  • NJ Transit GP40PH-2B loco add-on
  • West Rhine: Kln – Koblenz route add-on
  • MRCE BR 185.5 loco add-on

Unlock by paying $12 or more:

  • Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines route add-on
  • BR Class 402 ‘2-HAL’ EMU add-on
  • Feather River Canyon route add-on
  • Western Pacific FP7 California Zephyr loco add-on
  • Hamburg S1 S-Bahn route add-on
  • DB BR 114 loco add-on

Humble Train Simulator Bundle [Humble Bundle]

Brett Makedonski
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