Trailer for SSFIV’s new modes, now in English

If you missed it yesterday, the addition of bonus stages and new online modes have been announced for Super Street Fighter IV. We got a peek at a new trailer that showcases some of this hotness last night, but it was in Japanese. Now we’ve got an English version, so you can actually tell what’s going on if you don’t read moonspeak.

Take a look for a glimpse of the new car-smashing and barrel breaking bonus stages in action. There are also details on how the new tournament-friendly multiplayer modes will work, and how you can save your own replays or view those saved by top tier players in order to study using the game’s new Replay Channel featue.

This is shaping up to be a more than justified re-release, with the 9-player voice chat enabled lobbies and potential for huge fun in the form of personalized home tourneys. Like I said yesterday, these new team battles and expanded multiplayer modes are now the biggest draw for me, not even taking into account the new characters and balance tweaks. And there’s still even more yet to be announced. Judging by this video, SSFIV players are in for some massively good times come Spring.


Topher Cantler