Trailer for Doritos: Dash of Destruction is … haha … hahahaha

Oh man, I don’t care that this is another cynical piece of advertising like Yaris was, the whole concept of Doritos: Dash of Destruction is so ludicrous, I can’t hate it. All I can do is laugh, and the above “making of” video, so utterly cringe-worthy in presentation, just acts as the punchline.

As Major Nelson says, “Sit back, grab a bag of Doritos, and get yourself some Gamerscore!” I can hardly type this for laughing so hard.

I have been playing it this morning and the comedy just doesn’t end. It couldn’t be more blatant about its existence as a commercial and Achievement Whore Paradise. I kid you not, this is a piece of text from the game: “It looks like this T-Rex is still hungry for Doritos with a side order of Gamerscore!”

You can bet a Destructoid review is in the works. I can’t pass this up.

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