Trademarks hint at possible New Vegas DLC names

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Nosey file-snoopers have already spotted details of potential upcoming Fallout: New Vegas downloadable content in the files for “Dead Money,” released late last year. Now, Zenimax has filed trademarks for three titles — “Honest Hearts,” “Lonesome Road,” and “Old World Blues.”

The first of the batch, “Honest Hearts,” was already referenced in not-so-hidden files. A folder called “honest hearts” contained a number of in-game graffiti textures not seen in Dead Money or New Vegas proper, [SPOILER AHEAD] with phrases like “Joshua Graham Lives,” “The Burned Man Walks,” and “Where’s New Canaan, Anyway.” Graham, part of Caesar’s Legion, was burned and tossed into the Grand Canyon in the game’s timeline.

Considering the success of the title, more New Vegas DLC seems likely. Whether the trademarks do indeed hint at what’s to come remains to be seen. 

Zenimax trademarks apparent Fallout New Vegas DLC Titles [Would You Kindly]

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