Trademark troll: Since when did EA become the good guys?

Edge Games, headed by nefarious snake-in-the-grass Tim Langdell, has become famous in the games industry as one of the greatest trademark trolls of our time, ready to slap anybody with a lawsuit over use of the word “edge.” Edge Games has been embroiled in a legal battle with Electronic Arts for quite some time, and the Langdell has questioned why the press seems to be on EA’s side. 

After responding to deleted Twitter comments from DICE’s Johan Andersson, in which he declared that they were winning the feud with Edge Games, Tim Langdell asserted that he was “completely certain” of victory over EA. He then went on to paint himself as the noble underdog in the battle, adding: “We are the oldest remaining British game company, and one of the oldest remaining US game companies doesn’t like the fact there is still one UK company older than itself that they have not yet destroyed.

“Isn’t it amazing how biased towards Electronic Arts the press is on this? When did EA suddenly become the good guys?”

The thing is, when you consider Langdell’s history of pushing around indie developers, trying to sue companies that use the word “edge” in any way, shape or form, and otherwise being a complete and total f*cking dick to everybody, it’s really not that amazing to see the press being “biased” against him. What’s amazing is that nobody’s sent him a bag of dogshit for Christmas yet.

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James Stephanie Sterling