Trade your PS3 for a lifetime of tacos

Next Gen is reporting that Taco Bell (the non-profit Taco Bell Foundation, specifically) is offering a lifetime of free grub to anybody willing to pony up their PS3. The traded PS3 will be then passed along to the Stanton, CA Boys & Girls Club teen center. Aww.

The first PS3 owner to contact the Taco Bell Foundation with their information will receive $12,500 in Taco Bell Bucks. Next Gen points out the cash-to-taco ratio of this deal in simple numbers:

And for those curious, $12,500 will get you around 20,000 of Taco Bell’s basic tacos, or about a taco a day for the next 54 years.

Now, I’m all for pushing for charity and so forth, but why not just spend the $1200 or so on eBay rather than contribute to the growing epidemic of fat-assed gamers (read: me)? Here’s a secret, Taco Bell: If you haven’t noticed, a lifetime of tacos is the last thing that most of us need.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a spare PS3 and the capacity for self governance (as well as a dire need for disgusting fast food), this deal might be for you.

[via Next Gen]

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