Tracer’s pulse pistols from Overwatch look dangerous

You’ll shoot your eye out

YouTuber LaserGadgets was inspired to make some weapons by last year’s hit game Overwatch. The difference between the guns he made and those made by most other cosplayers is that his actually work.

Overwatch‘s breakout character Tracer carries a pair of pulse pistols into battle, rapid-fire weapons that can be reloaded by cycling the circular discs on the sides. The real life version is fully functional, using a blue laser with enough energy to burn a T-shirt or punch a hole through a CD case. The weapon features spinning discs on both sides and even sounds like the in-game gun when it’s operating. The laser can be fired in pulse mode or changed to fire a continuous beam, and the creator shows it off by popping balloons, lighting matches, and setting fire to some targets he’d set up around his house.

The creator said that he’d like to make more weapons in this series, but said he needs the video to get more hits so he can buy materials. The next gun he’d like to build is Zarya’s particle cannon, so spread the word.

LaserGadgets [YouTube]

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