Toys R Us rewards you for buying Mario Galaxy with a $25 Gift Card

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As some of you may already know, Toys R Us is tempting customers with the promise of a $25 Gift Card if you purchase Super Mario Galaxy at one of their retail stores. If you’re going to get it (and you aren’t already standing in a line somewhere waiting for guys dressed like Mario to prance around and try to grope you “accidentally”) you may as well go this route, unless you have a vendetta against Toys R Us or something.

This tip was actually via Cheap Ass Gamer as a part of a regular feature they do called Best of the Sunday Ad Video Game Deals. I’m terrible at checking that kind of stuff when it’s buying time as I tend to head into the wild with nothing in mind but acquisition of the momentary title of lust, but if you like a good deal it’s a great resource to check before you head out to do your weekend shopping. Damn that Cheapy D for being so practical AND sexy!

[Via Gay Gamer, Thanks Reid!] 

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