Toys ‘R’ Us gets a PlayStation Move EyePet Bundle

There’s another PlayStation Move bundle already on shelves, but it’s not as cute as this one. Retailer Toys ‘R’ Us gets this limited edition PlayStation Move EyePet Bundle for $99.99. The PlayStation Blog says it comes with the EyePet game, PlayStation Eye camera, and a PlayStation Move Motion Controller. It’s just really replacing the sports title with EyePet. You’ll hear no complaints here!

I’ve played with EyePet and Move together, and was pretty amazed by all the cute things you could do with the combo. I remember blow drying my EyePet’s hair and thinking:

  1. I’m totally blow drying a creature’s hair in a game
  2. Holy crap, look how cute it is!

Seriously, EyePet is one of the better examples of how detailed movement can be with the Move technology. Say you’re getting it for a kid, but then try it out when no one ‘s looking.

Dale North