Toy Tactics starts playtime on Early Access March 17

Toy Tactics Header

The pen is mightier

Plastic carnage is coming to Steam Early Access on March 17 by way of Joystick Ventures and Kraken Empire’s Toy Tactics.

Toy Tactics is described as a “family-friendly, physics-based RTS” where you draw on the map to direct your troops. I’m going to stop you there because the moment you let me draw anything, it’s going to stop being family-friendly. At best, I’m going to draw a butt. My flag in Animal Crossing? A butt. It’s inevitable.

On top of confronting your enemies with the dreaded butt-formation, you’ll also cast spells to add catapults, walls, and meteors to aid your troops. You can choose Imperium, Pendragon, and Kyoukai armies, each with their own unique abilities. The single-player campaign will have your forces traversing “Draugr infested Europe and Japan.”

Whenever these toy-based games come up, I always hope they really go off the deep end in terms of taking advantage of the theme. It’s certainly looking like Toy Tactics is going that route by throwing in samurai alongside ancient European factions. However, I won’t be happy until I see a few robots and toy kaiju stomping all over the battlefield.

Toy Tactics will hit Steam Early Access on March 17. No word yet on how long it plans to remain there, but you can check out the demo right now.

Zoey Handley
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