TowerFall developer’s next game is a mountain-climbing platformer


TowerFall, like most if not all of Matt Thorson’s games, is real good stuff. His next project, a collaboration with Noel Berry called Celeste, will have us scaling a treacherous, spike-filled mountain.

This is a re-imagining of an existing prototype game of the same name (playable here in your browser) that was made in four days. There’s wall-jumping, air-dashing, and short-but-tough levels.

Judging from these initial screenshots, the new title will have that same basic foundation with a much more fleshed-out world. As for where it’ll end up, Thorson says “it’s too early for us to commit to platforms, we’re just focused on making a great game.” I’ll be keeping a watchful eye.

Matt Thorson [Twitter]

Jordan Devore
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