Tower of Heaven now in Flash, still awesome

About a year ago, a little indie platformer called Tower of Heaven released to the internet and utterly enthralled me. With a brilliantly executed mechanic of inflexible, divine edicts, clever humor and amazing music, I could not stop playing until I achieved my rightful place at the top of the tower.

It had no small effect on Joseph Leray either, who initially begged us all to play and then went to great lengths to save us the effort of having to think about it afterwards.

If you didn’t listen then (you fool!) or did not want to download an executable to your computer, I’m pleased to say you can take another go at the game. Askiisoft has just released a version of the game which runs in flash, meaning you can be tortured by God pretty much anywhere.

This is a fantastic game and I implore you to give it a go. I guarantee it will surprise you at the very least, even if it doesn’t demonstrate for you how easy it is to love an often arbitrary and selfish God the way it did for me.

Tower of Heaven [JayIsGames]

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