Tower of Guns and Ether One are coming to retail

Exclusive content for Tower of Guns

Tower of Guns, a delightful FPS roguelike, and Ether One, a beautiful adventure game, are going backwards in time and releasing in physical boxes this September. Ether One will have retail copies for PC and PS4, while Tower of Guns has yet to have its platforms announced. 

While the Ether One retail box is simply a new way for players to acquire the game, the Tower of Guns retail version comes with “exclusive content” which includes two new perks, two new game modes, and four new weapons. The extra features sound great, which makes me incredibly sad that they are retail exclusive. 

When I asked if current owners would ever receive this content, the response was “at the moment we have no plans for releasing them on short notice; we view these as a reward for those fans buying the physical copy.” While I understand the business decision behind this, I am bummed that I may never get to experience “Hot Foot Mode” where the floor is lava but the player has infinite jumps.

My hope is that this retail release does help spur sales of two awesome games, but also that the contentwill come to current Tower of Guns owners somewhere down the line.

The specifics of the retail-exclusive content are:

    New Modes:

    • Hot Foot Mode: Feel like playing the floor is lava in the Tower? You will get an unlimited number of jumps when in mid-air, but if you hit the floor you will take damage.
    • High Roller Mode: Where everything does super-high damage, but your HP regenerates quickly, so it is an everything-or-nothing battle.

    4 new weapons, like the “Banker’s Delight” that shoots money,  or everyone’s favorite “YoYo Gun” with negative recoil for some hilarious effects. 

    [EDIT: I’ve changed all mentions of “DLC” to content since nothing has to be downloaded to the retail version to access it. Also, originally two perks were listed that are in the core game. Once I receive the updated list of new perks I will update the article.]

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