Toukiden 2 arrives on PC with release week deal of 23% off

Devilishly cheap

Head over to Steam right now and find today’s release of action RPG Toukiden 2 with a 10% promotional discount. It’s a typical release-week discount for the Koei Tecmo PC port, but you can pick up the game much cheaper on PC at GMG. At the digital retailer, the same Steam key release day deal is 23% off with a much larger price break to $46.

Toukiden 2 Deal

  • Toukiden 2 (Steam) — $45.99  (list price $60)
  • Login or create an account for the best “VIP” discount

The discount at GMG will require you to either login or create an account in order to get the final price. Once logged in the game is $45.99, or $14 off the $60 list price.

Earlier today we saw the game jump on the Steam top sellers carts to #2 behind NieR: Automata. That was early in the day, and this afternoon it has fallen slightly lower to the #3 slot due to GTA V‘s 50% off deal. While reviews are so far a bit mixed, the sales number looks favorable for this PlayStation port.

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