Touch screens are so last season darling: slide control game announced for DS

Nintendo can’t stop. Seriously, It’s beginning to get worrying.

We’ve always known that they’re the inventive, experimental ones, of course. They’ve been at it for years. And since they’ve finally gained vindication for their tinkerings via the DS and Wii, everyone else has been at it too. Sony with their highly original tilt controls. Microsoft with their giant magic table. Everyone’s been rushing to get naked at the big innovation love-in. 

Nintendo however, still seems to want to go one further, and to that end they’ve unveiled a DS game with a whole new control mechanism. Not just a new way of using the touch screen, you understand. A whole new control input on top of said stylus-based wonder. 

Slide Adventure: Mag Kid is a top-down action adventure game utilising a new peripheral which plugs into the handheld’s GBA slot, providing a small stand upon which the DS can perch and, yes oh psychic reader, also slide around. The player then manipulates the titular Mag Kid by moving the DS horizontally to control movement and attacks, using the character’s magnetic powers to attach himself to enemies and adopt their properties. 

How practical all of this will turn out to be in terms of portability and avoidance of eyestrain, we’ll have to wait and see, but it all sounds pretty fun at the moment, and with an early August release date in Japan, we won’t be waiting long. 

[Via IGN

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