Touch My Katamari Billiards trailer is classy as hell

Well, it’s as classy as billiards trick shots in soft focus set to piano music can get. That’s pretty classy for anything related to the Katamari games from Namco Bandai.

Okay, so it’s not classy at all. But it’s hilarious. Well done, Namco Bandai. I won’t spoil the fun for you. Just watch.

Of course, this is all to promote Touch My Katamari, the PlayStation Vita launch title that lets you squeeze, stretch, flatten and pinch your rolling piles of junk for the first time, using the Vita’s rear touch panel. And it’s also the first portable Katamari to let you use dual analog sticks!

Feburary 22, 2012 is when it all rolls out, right at Vita’s launch.

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