Total War: Three Kingdoms breaks series record for most pre-ordered entry

Lu Bu is content

Total War: Three Kingdoms (aka Total War: Lu Bu) releases today and is already off to a great start. As noticed by Twitter’s own Daniel Ahmad, Creative Assembly has announced that Three Kingdoms is the most pre-ordered title in the series’ long history. While exact numbers aren’t given, a quick look over at SteamDB shows that the game is sitting at number four on the platform’s most-played titles. It’s even outperforming Grand Theft Auto V, a game that sells more copies than bottles of water.

From what I’ve played, I do believe Three Kingdoms deserves these honors, too. The title is fun with a lot of strategic depth to it. It may not revolutionize Total War, but it provides a fully realized and absolutely beautiful setting with a cast of colorful characters. Selecting a ruler is almost like shining a lens on your inner self and figuring out how you’d go about ruling ancient China. There’s also the series staple massive-scale battles, too.

While I’m not quite ready for a final verdict, it’s safe to say that Three Kingdoms is off to a grand start. Fans are digging it and the game is sure to get some good support in the coming months. Lu Bu would be content with that outcome.

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