Total War Sagas announced, will spin-off main series games

The saga continues

Fans of the Total War series will be happy to learn that developer Creative Assembly is looking to branch out into more standalone expansion style games similar to Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai. This comes as part of a new initiative called “Total War Sagas.” These games will focus on, “table-flip moments in history, where events are in the balance and could go any number of interesting and unique ways,” reads a blog post from the official website.

The only mentioned title, so far, will be a follow-up to Total War: Rome II in the vein of Total War: Atilla. “To help show the kind of scale we’re talking about,” game director Jack Lusted says, “the game that I’m currently working on has a map that is comparable in gameplay size to Total War: Attila, but focused on a smaller geographic area, and the campaign will take as long to complete as any other Total War title does. Focusing on a single geographic location in this way allows us to go into greater detail with the period and setting.”

I thought that was a full game, but I guess the “Sagas” moniker allows the Creative Assembly more freedom to make shorter form titles instead of trying to bloat out each entry with needless padding. Seeing as how a lot of the more recent Total War games have launched with a plethora of issues, stripping the scale back might help with releasing games that actually function without numerous patches.

Even if it doesn’t, more Total War isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I do think they should offer some of these “Sagas” titles as DLC for main games, since it would be silly to create such a large game and then cut out chunks of it for standalone purposes. Maybe offer reduced pricing for customers with the main game, as a show of good faith.

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Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.