Total Immer$ion.

While scouring the internet for content worthy of my first post, I came across amBX, a system that claims to completely immerse you in your game. After reading most of the site, I realized that they are going to a ridiculous level to bring you in. You have to read it yourself to believe it. More after the warp…amBX?They are attempting to utilize every sense you have to make a more complete and engaging video game eperience. We’re not just talking surround sound here. We’re talking feeling the wind on your face in a flight sim and feeling the bumps and vibration that you feel while driving in a car while playing a racer. Mighty high claims with what I expect ot be a mighty high cost to the consumer. Bottom line is that if you’re gonna blow a grand on a PS3 you might as well go all the way, eh?The only downside I could find, is that the games you play have to be amBX compatible. This almost sounds like Virtual Reality technology that we all thought was going to be the next big video game craze. That didn’t quite turn out so well and I doubt this technology is going to come any cheaper. What do you think, is this the next big thing or will this go the way of the Virtual Reality Dodo?