Toss a PC copy of Witcher 3 to your friend if you own it on another platform

Or, keep it for yourself

[Update: It seems as though you can only get a giftable code if you already own Witcher 3 on GOG along with another platform. Otherwise, if you only own it on a different platform, the game is just tied to your GOG account. Still, free Witcher 3!]

Remember Ice Breakers mints, with their two-lidded packaging reading “To Share” and “Not to Share?” The sharing side is small as if to ask “Why would you ever be dumb enough to share these delicious mints?” The not-sharing side is huge — half the case if memory serves — as if you’ve going to shovel them all in your mouth at once.

CD Projekt Red presents Witcher 3 owners with a similar predicament of greed, just without the refreshing aftertaste. Anyone who owns a copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt elsewhere can claim another free copy of it on GOG (which is CD Projekt’s PC games marketplace and launcher). Steam, Epic, Origin PS4, Xbox One — owning Witcher 3 any of those places will net you the DRM-free GOG version at no extra cost. Switch is the only platform that’s not eligible.

Additionally, there’s parity across different editions of the game. If your copy of Witcher 3 is the Game of the Year edition with all the expansions, that’s what you’ll get on GOG. If it’s just the base game, your GOG version will be just the base game. Also, it applies to retail boxed copies. If you’ve played The Witcher 3 on your console — even if you’ve already sold the disc or never even owned it — GOG will detect it has been played on your account and gift the free game.

Here’s the minty dilemma: That free copy is acquired by linking other platforms’ accounts with GOG (verifying you own it elsewhere), which gifts the game. However, an under-reported step of the process is that it comes in the form of a redeemable code. On Twitter, a user lamented that they own Witcher 3 on all platforms already, prompting the GOG account to replyThat doesn’t mean you can’t participate in this offer, though! You can still get a giftable code to share with someone.”

To share or not to share? To bestow the incredible experience of The Witcher 3 on a person you care deeply for? Or to hoard it for yourself like a dragon atop his pile of gold? Figure it out before June 23 when this promotion ends. Choose wisely.

Claim a free copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt via GOG Galaxy 2.0 [GOG]

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