Toss 12 bucks to your Witcher: Witcher 3 is more popular on Steam now than it ever has been

Partly because of a $12 sale, partly because of the new Netflix show

It feels like ages since The Witcher III: Wild Hunt arrived, and in some ways, it has been. May 2015 is kind of forever ago in the gaming world, but in the past week, the project is more popular than it ever was: at least on Steam. According to info from Steam Database, Witcher III reached an all-time peak of 94,651 players yesterday on the platform, which beats out the roughly 90,000 peak at launch.

There’s several reasons for this. The not-bad Witcher show on Netflix (which is more book-heavy than anything) has been a viral hit, and Steam currently has Witcher 3 on sale for 12 bucks through January 2. People checking out a show that fills the generally absent high-budget fantasy void; then wandering over to the game adaptation on the cheap makes a lot of sense.

In a way (like introducing someone to a landmark show such as Mr. Robot for the first time), I’m jealous of all the people who are just now getting into The Witcher III. This is a perfect time for it now that it’s in the collective zeitgeist, and given that the two story DLCs are arguably the best part of the game, you’re getting all of that upfront.

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