Torture yourself with this fan-made trailer for Silent Hills

Wear your headphones

I still can’t get over the cancellation of Silent Hills, and this fan-made trailer from GLS Machinima isn’t helping. It’s a short clip and was made a few months ago, but its more than Konami seems interested in giving us and at this point I’ll take whatever I can get.

While I doubt Silent Hills would have carried on the first-person perspective of P.T. (you don’t pay for Norman Reedus’ face to never see it), I do like the idea. Horror is all about ramping up tension and forcing yourself to face things you’d normally shy away from, the immediacy of the first-person perspective is a natural fit for those goals. Even watching this trailer with a decent pair of headphones on gave me the shivers — hearing the skittering of unseen creatures, the whispering of spirits just behind your back, and the ominous swell of air raid sirens in the distance, spooky.

Nic Rowen