Torchlight XBLA improved PC sequel, DLC possible

Speaking to GameFront, Runic Games co-founder Max Schaefer gave some insight into Torchlight on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The new version, which has been worked on for “about 6-8 months in various stages,” actually helped the impending PC release of Torchlight II.

“What we found was that making the 360 version of the game presented us with a number of game design challenges,” he says. “It also resulted in a few discoveries that led to improving Torchlight II on the PC. We learned how to better optimize things like memory and loading screens that we could translate back to the PC engine.”

As for the obligatory “Will there be downloadable content?” question, Schaefer notes that “We can definitely create it, if the gamers show they want it. Though that’s not on our roadmap at the moment but it easily could be added.

Like Nick, who told you some of the first details about this version, I’m quite excited to double dip. To me, it seems like Runic put in enough thought to make the purchase justifiable. And yeah, it has been a while since I’ve played this type of game on a console. Let’s do this, Runic!

Exclusive Interview: Torchlight 360 & Torchlight 2 with Runic’s Max Schaefer [GameFront]

Jordan Devore
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