Torchlight: Infinite is leaving Early Access on PC and mobile May 9

torchlight: infinite release date may pc mobile

Back to the Dungeons

Publisher XD Games has announced that its long-in-development pseudo-sequel Torchlight: Infinite will makes its official debut on PC and mobile platforms, as a free-to-play release, on May 9, 2023.

Torchlight: Infinite, the fourth release in the high-fantasy, dungeon-crawling franchise, originally released into Early Access in the fall of last year, but is now set to make its official debut next month. In alignment with the launch date, the game will enter its new season, titled “Cube of Rapacity” and bringing a major overhaul to Torchlight: Infinite’s loot and crafting systems, as well as the addition of a new character, Escapist Bing, and a variety of new systems, including the powerful “Divinity Slate”.

Torchlight: Infinity, while carrying the Torchlight name, is not a product of the now sadly-defunct Runic Games, who created the franchise back in 2009 and would receive critical and player plaudits. This initial release would be followed by rock-solid sequel Torchlight II in 2012. Following Runic’s closure in 2017, brand owners Perfect World would release inferior second sequel Torchlight III in 2020. Torchlight: Infinite, now developed by XD Inc. is a continuation of the franchise in a free-to-play PC/mobile vein, and features typical hack-and-slashing, dungeon-crawling action, although presented with more of a futuristic, cyber-fantasy aesthetic.

Torchlight: Infinity launches May 9 on PC, iOS and Android platforms.

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