Torchlight III’s Sharpshooter looks like a classic aRPG good time

Remember, the game isn’t free-to-play anymore

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[Update: The new framerate-improved trailer is up! Watch it below.]

Just a few months ago, we were thankfully spared the pain of Torchlight III (known then as Torchlight Frontiers) becoming a free-to-play game that was seemingly oriented around endless grinds. Now, it’s a true successor to the previous Torchlight entries and actually has an end: plus it can be played offline!

Now we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what this no-release-window game has to offer. Perfect World Entertainment just released a new trailer for the Sharpshooter class, which is clearly based on the Amazons of old aRPG fame (bow and all). They join the Dusk Mage, Forged and Railmaster classes. If you want, you can play the Sharpshooter now in the closed alpha on Steam.

Weirdly, the below clip for the class is rendered with a really low resolution, which the Torchlight team eventually had to acknowledge on their YouTube account: “Hey Torchlight fans! We’re working on rendering out another version of this trailer that resolves the frame rate issues. Be on the lookout for the new trailer in the next couple of days!”

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