Topatoi footage hovers our way

Your first considerable look at Boolat Games’ Topatoi is available below the fold (that is, if you’re not European).

Name sounds weird, right? Here’s a simple reason why: the game is bananas. In the game, you steer a multi-dimensional hovercraft around verb-filled environments: beams break, platforms rise and lower, enemies charge, and you hover. It’s a platformer at its core and judging from the footage, appears to have an extensive item collection component. Yay, timed challenges.

The footage is taken from the first game, subtitled “Spinning through the world.” Apparently, Boolat Games is planning a total of three titles, all of which should be distributed through (at least) PlayStation Network.

No recent word on release date, a shame considering how cool (and wild) this thing looks. What do you guys make of it?

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