Top Ten Gaijin Games: Bionic Commando Edition

[Destructoid’s Japanese correspondent, 50ft. Samurai, takes a look at last week’s “Gaijin” game sales in Japan.]

As reported here on Destructoid a couple weeks back, Bionic Commando managed to wrangle a surprising 34/40 from the editors of Famitsu, placing it as the most favorably ranked game of that issue. 

For comparison, this is equal to their scores for games like Oboro Muramasa, Street Fighter IV, and Star Ocean IV. It’s also a complete departure from overall media scores for the English-language version of the game. Whatever you may think of Famitsu’s editorial policies, could the high score translate into increased sales? Could “Rad” Spencer redeem himself in Nippon?

According to Media Create’s numbers for last week’s sales; no he could not.

While the PlayStation 3 version lands at the top of the Gaijin game chart, it only managed to sell a measly 4,378 copies, with the Xbox 360 version selling even less. 

To be fair, there were a shit ton of games released last week, and anything besides Wii Sports Resort sold less than 100,000 copies. But considering the game got beat by 12 other new releases, and four of those being text adventures, it’s safe to say that the game resonated about as well with Japanese consumers as it did with Western gamers.

You may commence shedding of tears now. I already started.

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