Top Spin 3 contest extension: I said ‘balls deep,’ not ‘just the tip’

Since my first two notices about this particular contest (see here and here) seem to have done very little in the way of motivating Dtoiders to give it the old college try, I’m going to make some changes to the game in order to facilitate you (yes, you) entering. As of tonight, I am getting rid of two of the more rigorous requirements: the photo you submit no longer has to be taken at a tennis court, and you can use whatever the bloody hell you want (besides a tennis racket) to try and whack your tennis ball. Happy now?

I’m still going to insist that the image not be altered in any way from what your camera captures, but the removal of those conditions should make things much easier. In addition, I’ve decided to push the deadline back one week, so the new one is 11:59 PM EDT on Friday, August 15. Please send your entry to samit.sarkar+contest @ (yes, that’s “Samit dot Sarkar plus contest at Gmail dot com”) with the subject line “Balls deep for Top Spin 3.” The entries that make me laugh the most/hardest will win, so bring the funny!

What was that? “Show them what they can win, Samit”? Sure, here you go:

Grand Prize (1 Winner):

  • Top Spin 3 track jacket
  • Top Spin 3 game (system of your choice)
  • 2K Sports library of games (MLB 2K8, NBA 2K8, Don King Presents: Prizefighter — system of your choice)

Runners-Up (2 Winners):

  • Top Spin 3 game (system of your choice)

Get to it, folks…but only if you live in the USA.

Samit Sarkar