Top 50 mobile games of 2006 (or 50 games you will end up downloading but playing less than Tetris)

For years analysts have been proclaiming the cellular phone to be the next big gaming platform, and as much as everyone on the planet (who happens to be worth knowing) owns a cell, no one really gets that excited over the game releases.

Except these guys.

Pocket Gamer is a website dedicated to handheld entertainment (that doesn’t involve chemical lubrication), and they bring you a list of the 50 finest games to be released on the cellular phone platform this year. Keep in mind, we’re only bringing you this list on the off-chance that mobile gaming actually does get bigger than console gaming. We don’t really think it will, but if it does, we don’t want to be the idiots saying it’s going to be a huge failure.

(Editor’s Note: Kids, this is called “hedging your bets”. It’s a tactic used by journalists, politicians and anyone else who makes a living off of getting you excited enough about something to wet yourself only to later reveal it was all a huge lie. Welcome to the real world. Disappointing, isn’t it? — Nex) 

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