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Crap, I forgot to read the Super Meat Boy twitter for a few days, and it turns out that I missed a f*ck-ton of news.

First is the above video, that shows us exactly how terrifying Super Meat Boy can be to a 3 year old. If you’ve already decided not to buy Super Meat Boy because you think it will be too hard, maybe you’ll see something of yourself in this scared little girl. Don’t feel bad, there’s nothing wrong with an appropriate fear of giant moving saws and exploding into a giant sploosh of blood. Just do some art therapy like Acacia did, and you’ll probably get over it someday.

Next up are the newly announced methods to score yourself a limited edition Super Meat Boy comic book. Right now there are only two known ways; enter and win the weekly Super Meat Boy Comic Quiz Fridays contest, or buy one of these handmade, limited edition Meat Boy “plushies”. Or is is “bishies”? Man, I’m so out of touch with modern stuffed animal lingo.

The final bit of news is probably my favorite; the first in-game screen of the Bit.Trip series’ Commander Video in Super Meat Boy. We’ve know for awhile that the Commander would be making this cameo, and we now have reason to guess that he may end up in a platformer of his own, but all that stuff is just promises and theories. To see my favorite one-eyed, TV-headed hero knocking Meat Boy on his ass really cements the fact that I will soon rocking the Commander’s rainbow-run in a serious, literal fashion.


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