Too Human doc pulling the wool over our eyes?

One of the more interesting aspects about this developer diary for Too Human is that it ends with excerpts from a documentary which creator Denis Dyack claims to be the inspiration for his game. Titled The Goblin Man of Norway, it details the discovery of some kind of ancient machine discovered in the ice. Interested by the clips shown (at least from a mockumentary standpoint), I decided to do a little research to see if I could find out some more …

… And it seems the documentary doesn’t actually exist.

A few message boards around the ‘net have been talking about this so-called Goblin Man of Norway video, but nobody had ever heard of it until now, and there is no cryptozoological record of any such “Goblin” being discovered in Norway. The film company that supposedly made the documentary, The Norwegian Film Committee, also looks like it’s fake. 

A Web site for the film company exists but, shockingly enough, the only film it talks about is of course The Goblin Man of Norway. There is plenty more Matlockery you can do, but it all seems pretty clear that cheeky Mr. Dyack is trying to pull the wool over our eyes and go viral with Too Human.

What do you make of the campaign and what do you believe Silicon Knights is hoping to accomplish with this ARG-style documentary? It’s certainly a weird idea, in any case.

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