Too cocky!

Live by the sword, die by the no-sword

Here’s a tale of a flex gone horribly wrong. At this weekend’s VSFighting tournament in England, Joshua “Rycroft” Podesta had Yota “Pekos” Kachi on the ropes in Samurai Shodown. After absorbing a super, Pekos was left with just a sliver of health. The fat lady was seconds away from singing.

But, then, a miraculous combination of ill-advised arrogance and opportunistic punishment! Rycroft dropped his sword to finish off Pekos with an unarmed attack. (Samurai Shodown has a mechanic where you can knock the weapon out of another player’s hand, but weapons can also be voluntarily dropped.) Things didn’t go to plan.

Just watch:

Rycroft ate crow about as spectacularly as you can in a fighting game. Was it a substantial defeat? Yes! Pekos went on to sweep the best-of-three series, eliminating Rycroft from the tournament for a fifth place finish. If only he didn’t effectively give a victory away. With Evo less than two weeks away, let this serve as a gentle reminder to never show any mercy nor hotdoggery.

Samurai Shodown Competitor Shows Off By Dropping His Character’s Sword, Gets Wrecked [Kotaku]

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