Tony Hawk’s Project 8

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ANOTHER ONE! But wait, wait, wait – this time they mean BUSINESS! Slated for an Autumn release on the PS3, Tony Hawk’s Project 8 is going to be a completely revamped Tony Hawk game with a new engine and character modelling tools.Well we’ve friggin done one million virtual kickflips by now so they better have some new amazing massive damage graphics at the very least. Supposedly a main focus will be filming cool skater stuff (that’s definitely not a new idea) – think Pokemon Snap meets Tony Hawk, except with cocaine addicts and airwalks instead of pokemon. You might be able to control how much damage you take when you bail, and you can also move rails and ramps to assemble cool trick spots to gain the respect of people around town. Oh, and if you bump into people – THEY PUNCH YOU! If you are taking notes your paper should definitely still be blank… Hit the bloody lightsaber jump for concept art.Yawnable concept artSome more Tony Hawk squawkWhy doesn’t Neversoft just make it GTA San Andreas feeling, with a few full blown cities with skater gangs or whatever skaters call their posse, and a more fleshed out T.H.U.G. kinda story? I hope that’s what they are going for ish with TH8… you can’t tell me that’s a stretch of a genre blend, or that “you don’t have to fix something that’s not broken.” I was a huge Tony Hawk game fan – there was a brief time when completing insane grind combos was actually more entertaining for me then collecting rupees and killing Nazis, but the kickflips have come and gone and I’m still collecting rupees and killing Nazis. I bought the first 4 and THUG before I decided to wait for something new.What was the last TH game you guys actually bought before you finally said no more 1080s or Christ Airs for me! And also – let’s hear your predictions on when the Tony Hawk series will finally outnumber the Final Fantasy series. I predict a tie at 15, with TH16 beating FF16.

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