Tony Hawk’s next game game is probably subtitled Shred

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For whatever reason, Tony Hawk is allowing his name to be attached to another game in a post- world. In a post-Tony Hawk: Ride world. In a tweet this evening, Tony Hawk went all wild and skater-like and revealed the name of what we’ll assume is his next project, a game entitled Tony Hawk: Shred. “Tony Hawk: Shred,” the rebel wrote. “There, I said it. Actually, I named it. Somewhere a PR team is reeling.”

And reeled they did, apparently. The tweet has been pulled since we wrote the original story on Tony Hawk’s absolutely bananas tweet. So, yeah, this is the part where we add some color or humor to the story, but poking fun at Ride is like clubbing a broken piñata or something. It’s just depressing to do.

Tony Hawk: Shred in development? [neverknowtech]

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