Tony Hawk will be your friend if you play Tony Hawk: Ride

Wow … this is just getting sad. 

Tony Hawk is now so desperate for people to play his game that he has whored out his very friendship for the purpose of selling a few more copies of Tony Hawk: Ride. He has made a pact with any would-be Ride owners out there — play his awful skateboard game, and he’ll be your friend on Xbox Live.

Hawk was playing the game on Xbox Live last night and Tweeted his Gamertag (tonyinegypt), promising friend adds to anybody who joined him. A surely irresistable offer that makes you want to rush out and buy a plastic skateboard right now, yeah? 

Face it guys … the bottom is falling out of this silly plastic peripheral thing, and not a moment too soon.

Tony Hawk: Play Ride and I’ll Be Your Friend [Kotaku]

Jim Sterling