Tony Hawk RIDE dev looking for people to work on new game

While Tony Hawk RIDE and its skateboard controller don’t land until next week, it seems that Activision may already be looking to the future of the franchise and its new controller. superannuation is reporting that over the past two weeks Robomodo, the developer behind RIDE, have posted around 15 job openings. These positions are all on a job for an unannounced extreme sports game.

I think that we can all come to the pretty obvious assumption that Activision wants Robomodo hard at work on the next Tony Hawk game, possibly for next year. After all, the whole yearly thing is working great for Guitar Hero and Call of Duty, why not branch out? Plus, it would help to convince people to buy RIDE if there was more than one game that used its unique controller. Of course if people don’t go out and actually buy RIDE it will be interesting to see if this unannounced game ever sees the late of day. I know that Nick “doesn’t skateboard” Chester and I both found the controller less than optimal, but we could be in the minority.

Matthew Razak