Tony Hawk: Ride board could be used for Silver Surfer game

Robomodo president Josh Tsui said some interesting things about potential applications for the skateboard controller his company made for the upcoming Tony Hawk: Ride. According to a post over at Kotaku, Tsui made comments about the typical sorts of games we’re all expecting, snowboarding and surfing, before offering up something a little juicier: Silver Surfer and Hobgoblin.

This is not anything resembling confirmation that titles such as these are in development, but the potential is exciting. I’d love to fly around as the Surfer and wield the Power Cosmic, performing my duty as a herald of Galactus. Playing a game where I’m the Hobgoblin, indiscriminately pumpkin bombing Manhattan is pretty appealing too.

Activision’s partnership with Robomodo makes the them quite possible too, what with the company’s long history of publishing games based on Marvel properties. Would you be interested in playing games like this using a board controller?


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