Tony Hawk: Ride, Blur get GameStop pre-order content

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Retailer GameStop has begun offering pre-order incentives for two of Activision’s upcoming fall titles, Blur and Tony Hawk: Ride

Those who reserve Tony Hawk: Ride receive a GameStop exclusive “80s Quicksilver Level,” which includes a Vertical Ramp challenge. The ramp sits on the runway of the Frankfurt Airport, between two 747s. Nice bonus, but we can’t imagine it’s as cool as this.

Pre-ordering Blur will net you a “Multiplayer Advantage Booster Kit,” which is said to give you “unparalleled multiplayer benefits.” Those include a Ford Bronco vehicle, a demolition derby-style last-man-standing “Super Destructo Multiplayer” mode, and players will receive double the fans for their first ten multiplayer races. 

The retailers Web site is also offering us the first glimpse at the packaging for both titles, including the slim and funny-looking Tony Hawk: Ride skateboard bundle.  

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